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We worked recently with the crowdfunding platform Charidy to create a number of video success stories about their work. Specifically, we created videos about their campaigns with SIMN, an organization for the support of migrants and refugees; Rockland Community College, which successfully raised money for its Performing Arts program; and Lamplighters, an innovative blend of Montessori and traditional Jewish education for children.

While Charidy was already well-established in the Jewish world, they still had some room to expand in other markets. Charidy wanted to increase their brand awareness among all kinds of nonprofits, with all kinds of contributions to make to the public good. With these success stories, they hoped to prove their ability to cater to a diverse range of organizations.


The first step to achieving this goal was to home in on the right message. What did we want to emphasize in our interviews with these subjects?
We quickly realized that nonprofits that were interested in crowdfunding already knew about its benefits: the low overhead, the excitement of bringing a community together, the success of popular tactics like donor matching and all-or-nothing campaigns.

In order to sell them on Charidy, we would need to dig deeper. It wasn’t enough to convince viewers that crowdfunding was a good idea. We needed to show them what made Charidy different from the other options out there.

In fact, this was something that had already come up in our discussions with Charidy. They stressed to us that they didn’t simply provide an anonymous platform for nonprofits to conduct their own campaigns. They were consultants. They offered their fundraising expertise to make the process as successful as possible, assigning each campaign a personal manager to oversee it from start to finish. This was what gave them their incredibly high success rate.

This gave us our overarching theme. But we weren’t done yet. Looking at the organizations through this lens, we set out to tell the unique story of each one. How did Charidy meet the needs of these distinct nonprofits, with their specific experiences and priorities?
In combining this focus on Charidy’s exclusive features with a focus on the variety among their clientele, we were able to showcase the reasons for their broad appeal.

We also produced a version of each film that was 60 seconds or less so we could share them on Instagram as well as Facebook, putting them in front of an even wider audience.


These success stories have become the “face of the company,” according to Moshe Hecht, Charidy’s Chief Innovation Officer. They’re on the homepage of the website, on Facebook, on Instagram, in Charidy employees’ email signatures. They’re mailed out strategically to potential leads.
The videos have racked up almost 15,000 hits, and the data shows that Charidy is successfully making inroads in the nonprofit world beyond their existing clientele.

Morale is up at the office, with the sales team especially. They’ve been energized by this new tool and the way it empowers them to do their jobs. Not only that, but it’s validating — and motivating — for the staff to hear their clients appreciate their work in such glowing terms.
We’re glad to have contributed this polished and persuasive medium for introducing themselves or making their case.

You can view the shortened versions here:

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