Case Study

Among its many different outreach efforts, Nefesh B’Nefesh has spearheaded an initiative to generate awareness of and interest in the Israeli high-tech sector among Jewish Anglos. Many people are open to the possibility of Aliyah but hesitate over how they would find their economic footing in an unfamiliar country. By advertising the possibilities in high tech, NBN shows that there is a place for them in a lucrative, high-growth industry.

This year, NBN hosted a high-tech networking event in Tel Aviv and four more similar events at “Aliyah Fairs” in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toronto. We were brought in to film the Tel Aviv event. The video we produced would then be used to motivate and inspire attendees at the four North American “Aliyah Fairs.”

The impact of our film needed to be twofold. First, it needed to be an exhilarating showcase, portraying an experience that viewers would want to participate in and, consequently, spurring them to picture themselves in the Israeli high tech setting. Second, the film needed to nourish this impulse by reassuring viewers that NBN would continue to support them personally and professionally throughout their Aliyah. The Tel Aviv networking opportunity was a classic example of the kind of assistance they could expect.


To create a video that would have this effect, we needed to do more than just list the different kinds of technology on the cutting edge of development in Israel. New tech, no matter how exciting, wasn’t going to encourage very many people to make drastic personal changes.

We had to uncover the deeper story about about what motivated the speakers at the event, what drove them to keep progressing and succeeding. They came from disparate fields, but they all shared both a profound idealism and strong belief in their ability to make a difference, to contribute something significant to the world. Based on what they were already accomplishing, they knew that amazing things were possible.

This was a message that invited viewers to be a part of something truly important. As the speakers delivered some of their most inspiring lines, we also shared candid footage of the hundreds of event participants as they mingled, talking and gesturing animatedly to one another. These people had made the choice that now lay within reach of the video’s North American viewers, and they were smiling, enthusiastic, and still benefitting from what NBN had to offer.

In addition to the main film, we put together complete presentations from all the speakers, making the full experience available to anyone with an interest.


The video hit all the right notes of excitement and encouragement, giving NBN a powerful promotional boost in the lead-up the the Aliyah Fairs. Thanks in part to our contribution, the largest event attracted more than 2000 “future Olim” and after all the events concluded, NBN saw a 30% registration increase.

“The reaction to both the quality and content of the video was excellent,” said Maya Avitan, Marketing Manager at Nefesh B’Nefesh. “It allowed us to showcase the energy and excitement of the event in a beautiful, clear, interactive and shareable format.”

NBN featured the video on multiple unique landing pages relating to the event, with these pages receiving over 23,000 unique views. The video itself was viewed over 22,000 times across various social media platforms.  

News coverage positively described NBN’s efforts to help Olim “acclimate, integrate, and thrive in Israel.”

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